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At Geeznation, LLC, we have come to realize that any community to thrive through time and culture, depends on how much lessons learned are shared with the next generations.

There are also individuals in the marketplace that have the desire to succeed; a dream and a goal they are seriously striving to achieve but need guidance and support.

With Ms. G's years of experience in the restaurant and catering arena, she has passed that knowledge onto her children entrepreneurs.   With their combined knowledge of the industry and in partnership with Stewardship Masters International, Inc. known for their strategic business leadership coaching and mentoring skills, are ready to serve and support our membership family.


To join Geeznation, LLC Membership starts by:

  1. Selecting the membership level that appeals mostly to your needs.

  2. Receive your Welcome Pack that will be emailed to you and next steps instructions.

  3. Attend New Member Orientation which details to attend will be in your Welcome Pack.

  4. Do not hesitate to contact our Concierge Team if you have any questions or need clarity on anything.

  5. Have fun accumulating points for being active by: purchasing meals, posting on Geeznation, LLC GZ- Link-Up social media pages; referring others with a dream to join membership and more.

  6. Remain active with your concierge and within your success support group.

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