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Policy Plan

1. By signing up for G's Loyalty Reward Membership program,
you agree that you will be billed automatically to your credit card
each month based on your selected plan. You understand at any time
you may upgrade or downgrade your membership if desired,
or cancel your membership.

2. Due to the active nature of our membership program,
we do not issue a refund on membership unless we fail to fulfill
what was agreed on the plan you purchased.
If cancelation is desired, make sure you select to do so before the next billing cycle arrives.

3. You understand that you will earn 50 loyalty points for the initial purchase of your membership plan; and for each month thereafter,
you will continue to receive 35 loyalty points each month
your automatic membership payment is made.

4. If you select the Frequency Purchase Plan, you understand that for every ten (10) meal purchase, youwill get the eleventh (11th) one free. You understand that this program does not entitle you to a member of the G’s Loyalty Reward program.

5. I understand at any time I can select to sign up for your choice of a Geeznation Loyalty Points Membership plan; and by so doing will begin to earn points on any purchase or activity specified for earning points.
(See separate page for how to accumulate points).

6. Please note: this policy maybe subject to change, of which prior notice will be posted and sent to you via your stated mode of how we are to notify you.

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