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Among the many benefits of Geeznation, is the Bronze Membership Personal Growth & Development experience.

Remaining competitive and accomplished in today's marketplace, requires becoming a person of sustainable influence. The Personal Growth component of the Bronze Membership focuses on the development of becoming influential, and learning how to use it as leverage to be considered for positions and promotions.

This program requires  a minimum of 12 months of engagement in our members' support community to experience transformative and influential effectiveness.

The following is the content of the Personal Growth & Development program:

  • Defining Influential leveraging;

  • Why becoming a person of influence is crucial to survival;

  • Learning to turn your power of influence into consistent cash flow;

  • Practicing having influential conversations that cause others to follow you;

  • Learning the influential words and actions that get you promoted;

  • 24/7 supportive community to assist your learning process;

The Membership also includes the following:

  • Access to learning resources and templates in the Members' online portal;

  • Receive 10% off meal purchases at any of the G’s restaurants;

  • Accumulate loyalty points for each dollar spent before taxes at any of G’s restaurant brands;

  • Accumulate points on initial membership purchase and monthly membership payments;

  • Access to directory of business service providers.


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