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Gwendolyn Willie AKA, Ms G, was born in Jamaica, West Indies to ambitious, focused, intentional entrepreneurial parents. Ms G tells her story that the only life she knows as a child is to go to school, come home and finish her day working in her parent’s business in Jamaica.  As a matter of fact, her parent’s expected all seven of their children (Ms G’s siblings) to work in the family business with strong hope of them continuing the legacy of owning and operating their own businesses.

In 1977 Ms. G migrated to the New York and began working as a babysitter and cleaning for three (3) years.  That was before being offered a job with a cleaning Agency on contract with the World Trade Center as a Maintenance Cleaner.

Gwen Willie of G's Restaurant Group
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Serving our community with authentic Jamaican hospitality!


Teamship/ unity:
collaborative approach in getting the job done; believing that Together Everyone Achieves More.


Honesty/ trust: 
We work to build undivided trust with strong moral principles within every transaction and interaction.


Disciplined: Being consistent in doing successful actions daily.

Resilient:  Through all obstacles we  persevere with patience.

CourteousShowing respect and consideration for others.

Friendly: Always having kind words ready to share with someone as well as having a pleasant demenor when interacting with another person.

Innovative:  good is not enough. We encourage creativity and originality that will enable us to raise the bar at each level.

Gratitude:  Maintaining a  spirit of being gratefull for all things!


Holding fast to our culture of purpose, faithfulnesss and determination, we seek to become the best version of ourselves through the tasks we do daily, 

We are evolving; and learning each day to be adaptable; so that we remain relevant in our thoughts and actions.

In addition to providing great tasting foods for nuturing the body of  our staff associates, customers and ourselves,  we also provide developmental opportunities for our staff, customers and community's economic good.

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